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DuckDuckGo is offering an iPhone-like feature for Android that stops companies from tracking you

The new App Tracking Protection feature is in beta right now.

duckduckgo tracking android

The popular privacy browser app, DuckDuckGo, has revealed a new feature aimed at protecting the privacy of its Android users. The new feature looks to stop apps from tracking you without your knowledge.

Earlier this week, the team at DuckDuckGo announced this new Android feature in a blog post on the company’s website. The feature will exist as part of the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser app and users can sign up to join the waiting list for the beta right now through the app itself.

But what exactly is this new feature looking to accomplish? The company said that more than 95% of “popular free Android apps” contain hidden, third-party trackers that send users’ information to major tech companies like Google and Facebook.

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This new feature, called App Tracking Protection, aims to stop those apps from sending your data to third-party trackers. Once enabled, the App Tracking Protection feature runs in the background of your phone and detects whenever an app is attempting to send your data to a tracker.

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DuckDuckGo’s new App Tracking Protection is somewhat reminiscent of Apple’s recent privacy policy update. Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (pretty similar name, right?) was established in April of this year and stops any Apple app from tracking users without their permission.

Unfortunately, Android devices generally don’t have the same protection, though Google is finally starting to take some steps towards privacy protection from apps on the Play Store. But that’s where DuckDuckGo comes in.

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The company hopes to use its ever-growing database of known trackers to protect Android users through its new App Tracking Protection feature.

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