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Embody brings AI-driven 360 spatial audio to headsets and PC games with the launch of Immerse Gaming

Immerse Gaming | HIVE is the world’s 1st AI-driven personalized spatial audio software designed to be used with all headsets and PC games.

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Atmos and DTS made the promise of bringing the 360 home theater experience to headsets, but the experience never really came. A decades-old promise went unfilled, until now. 

In 2019, Embody’s team of gamers and strategic partners including Logitech G, Beyerdynamic, and Audio-Technica, all came together with a singular mission: to finally deliver on the promise of a realistic 360 surround sound listening experience on headsets.

They went back to the drawing board and realized that the reason Atmos and DTS could never deliver was because those solutions had no knowledge of a user’s unique ear profile. Without that critical personal HRTF information, surround sound on headsets sounds mechanical and artificial. No wonder then that previous software and hardware solutions failed to secure a permanent space in the hearts of most gamers. It was reminiscent of times before iOS and Android, when Windows was trying to be the OS for phones; a new approach to sound design for headsets was needed.

Harnessing the power of AI

To solve this problem, Embody turned to AI. Their deep neural networks have modeled how each one of us, and we are talking millions of us, hear sound differently on headsets. They trained their AI robots to model all the nuances of the human ear and what it does to sound waves the moment you put a headset on. After 3-years of coding, re-coding, learning, and re-coding again, Immerse was born. 

So is this for competitive or casual gamers?

Immerse is geared toward all gamers. For competitive FPS gamers, Immerse has been statistically proven to increase accuracy by improving audio clarity and enhancing your ability to localize the direction of audio cues. For casual gamers, Immerse delivers the most cinematic gaming audio experience ever created for headsets; it makes horror games scarier, RPGs more epic, racing games more viscerally immersive, and is just a fun time all around. No matter who you are or what kinds of games you play, you’ll love listening with Immerse.

Immerse lets you stream and record 360 spatial audio.

Immerse is the only solution in the world which enables streamers and YouTubers to deliver 360 Spatial Audio directly to their audience. This SW is compatible with all streaming platforms from Twitch, OBS to streamlabs, and more. Immerse allows you to bring your fans into the game with you. Whether it’s a zombie creeping up from behind to bite your ear off or an explosion in the far distance notifying you where the fun is happening, your audience will hear what you hear.

Democratizing Spatial Audio for All

Immerse democratizes spatial audio for the first time because, unlike Atmos, it is not restricted to specially encoded games or licensed headsets. It is compatible with all sound formats from stereo to 7.1 to Atmos alike. No matter what game you’re playing or what headset you’re using, Immerse will simply work – no fuss or muss. 

That is the power of their software. Immerse has multiple versions for each of Embody’s strategic partners including Logitech, beyerdynamic, and Audio-Technica. The latest addition to the Immerse ecosystem, called HIVE, features headsets from Razer, Corsair, Sennhesier, Audeze, Steelseries, and more. There are also 3 generic profiles which can be used with any Open-Back, Closed-Back, or In-Ear headset, ensuring that you can experience fully immersive 360 spatial audio no matter what headset you own. Their AI augments your headset to create a distortion-free surround sound experience without taxing your system or your wallet. More info on Immerse Gaming can be found here.

The Future of Gaming Audio is AI-Driven

  • Immerse is an AI-Driven Personalized 360 Spatial Audio software for PC gamers. 
  • Competitive Advantage – Immerse is statistically proven to increase directional accuracy in FPS games. Render every audio detail with incredible precision so that you can swiftly hone in on your enemy’s position. 
  • Get the most out of your gear – Turn any headset into a fully immersive surround sound system. Immerse optimizes your existing headset to create a distortion-free cinematic audio experience tuned for your ears.
  • Game Genre Presets – From precision-enhancing directional awareness to visceral immersion, choose between 3 powerful game genre presets engineered specifically for a wide variety of genres including FPS, MMORPG, MOBA, Racing, and Fighting.
  • Sonar Map – Dying too much? Get better with the help of Sonar Map, the optional UI overlay that shows you where in-game sounds are happening. Think of it as a conduit that links your eyes to your ears – that’s the power of Sonar Map. 

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