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You’ll soon be able to tell your Epson printer to print something for you

Alexa is everywhere.

epson printer amazon alexa controls
Image: Epson

Epson really needs no introduction, as its role in the niche of printing technology is widely recognized, and so is its constant strive for innovation in the field. Now, the latest news shows the brand’s three latest products, Epson EcoTank, WorkForce, and Expression, will include voice-activated printing.

Those products come packed with Epson Connect, which is a previously-existing service that makes it easy to connect with printers over the Internet or on a local network. Epson Connect got updated with support for Amazon Alexa, making it possible to print via voice commands only.

More about the Amazon partnership

The partnership between Epson and Amazon is not only limited to the use of voice commands, but also the possibility to directly print from several Amazon skills, such as, and now in a much easier way than ever.

Jack Rieger, senior product manager of software and user experience of Epson America, highlights the major advantages of this new system:

In the ever-expanding world of IoT, Epson voice-activated printing is another way to increase productivity and connectivity, ensuring the latest technologies work together effortlessly to benefit our customers’ busy lives.

Maybe this will make printing less annoying

In fact, this integration of Alexa’s voice commands makes printing easier than ever before, as printing can be achieved with a simple voice instruction. Printers are known to be painfully buggy, but those days seem to be completely over, with this kind of technologies constantly striving to improve these devices.

“Alexa, open Epson Printer” is the magic keyphrase that will, from now on, take any user from a simple blank sheet of paper to virtually anything, from formal documents to the most creative projects.

While the new functionality might not be the most innovative or useful application, it’s yet another example of “simple” smart tech that can be implemented relatively easy into the home and office.

Do you still print things? Would this feature be good for you or do you just see it being something that can be used in business environments?

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