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Facebook is finally going to limit all of the terrible political posts that litter your timeline

This could be a huge blow to some news outlets.

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If you feel like Facebook has been shoving political stuff down your throat, good news, as it seems the company is going to start pulling back on displaying as much political and current events content.

The report comes from Axios, who notes that Facebook will not only be testing this in the US, but other countries as well. For websites that post large amounts of politically focused content, this could mean a drop in traffic.

So why the change, well, it comes down to the users. Facebook had previously run tests where it limited the political content on people’s feeds and many of the people surveyed liked the change. These tests came after Facebook also toyed with displaying more reputable sources in the News Feed.

According to Axios, these changes will not happen all at once and will instead be a gradual change. This is mainly to help publishers and outlets adjust accordingly, as this could be a huge blow to them.

Facebook is a huge traffic driver, and an algorithm change like this could make a drastic difference in how much traffic they receive.

Overall, it’s a solid move from the social giant, who has come under scrutiny for helping push false narratives with even Joe Biden stating that Facebook is killing people due to vaccine misinformation.

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