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Facebook is reportedly launching a TV streaming device really soon

Wonder if it will sell better than the Portal…

facebook entertains new lasso standalone app
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Facebook wants to pivot to serving you content you’ll actually want to watch, instead of just advertising. At least, that’s the upshot of a recent report from Variety, which goes on to say that Facebook is working on a TV streaming box that should be ready for the market just in time for the holiday season.

The new streaming box will join the Portal-branded devices, and yes, there will be a camera and microphone installed in it. Yup, this should end well, right?

Facebook is supposedly moving into the TV streaming hardware market

Okay, Zuckerberg, we get it. People are leaving your hellsite in droves, and you’re not getting enough new faces to sell ads to. I’m not sure that a pivot to hardware is the right way to go. I mean, if they don’t want you in your home in virtual form, why do you think they’ll want your streaming box that’ll be streaming all their data to you as well as their nightly TV shows?

It’s possibly a bridge to try and get another camera inside our homes. I mean, do we really need that to watch Netflix in our underwear?

Anyway, here’s what we think we know so far:

  • The Portal streaming device will have far-field microphones and a camera
  • Video chatting will be a big selling point
  • This will likely sit on top of your TV
  • Android will probably be the OS running it
  • It’ll bring Augmented Reality to your TV
  • It’s totally not skeevy, honest

Ahh, Zuckerberg and Co. When are you going to learn that when we say we don’t want you snooping in our homes, we mean it? Either way, let’s see if this tv-streaming device comes to fruition.

Have any thoughts on this? Would you consider putting a Facebook streaming device in your home? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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