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FightCamp is the Peloton alternative for your fists

Dragonball Z punch noises.

Fightcamp boxing exercise bags
Image: FightCamp

As exhausting as it is to constantly read about the cult-like subculture of Peloton users, I get it. Sure, it’s a $2,000 exercise bike, but the draw is the connected workouts and on-demand classes and instruction. As a cyclist, I prefer my rides out on the pavement but the draw of the Peloton ecosystem makes sense. But what if, and stay with me here, instead of cycling with your feet you were punching with your arms and hands?

That’s what FightCamp is. While FightCamp surely doesn’t want me describing it as the Peloton of Boxing, that’s the easiest way to quickly summarize its overall functionality. It’s an at-home boxing gym that does a lot of the things you’d expect from a connected workout, plus a few more.

I’m writing about FightCamp not because I received a free $2,000 home boxing-gym (because I didn’t), but because if I was to spend $2,000 (a single dollar sum I haven’t seen in a long time because Kevin only pays us in used Snickers bars and shopping bags full of socks) it would be on something I could punch. Not something that chafes my ass. I get enough of that on my single speed track bike out in traffic.

FightCamp’s physical form is a standing punching bag, gloves, trackers, wraps, and workout mat. This might all seem like basic shit you can pick up at Play It Again Sports (that’s a used sporting equipment store in case you don’t have one near you), but it’s the tracking technology that jacks up the cost. Bluetooth-enabled punch trackers count the number, velocity, and intensity of each punch. This gives users live punch statistics that feed into detailed performance records, community leader-boards, and personal improvement mapping.

Check out FightCamp in action

The app (available on iOS) contains all this collected data and connects you to over 350 boxing and bodyweight workouts, with five new ones added each week. It allows gives access to experienced trainers for personal, motivating workouts. This is all through a subscription plan of course, because if it wasn’t then I wouldn’t be comparing it to Peloton.

We live in a social and connected world, so we tend to lean towards exercise activities that allow us to share in our progress and motivation. This isn’t a new concept. From Jazzercise to spin class, we’ve been exercising socially for some time. But we’d love to be able to do it privately, in the comfort of our own homes.

That’s what products like FightCamp and Peloton (and surely others) offer. But with FightCamp, you get to punch a thing. As a former owner of a 100lb heavy bag in the garage, I can attest that boxing is a fantastic body workout. Plus, some of you need to learn how to throw a goddamn punch.

FightCamp is in the middle of re-brand (or coming out of one, I can’t tell) and is pushing hard to be considered a top-flight at-home exercise program and there is likely a good chunk of market share just itching for an at-home punching option that isn’t a wall or pane of glass. Plus, some of us just don’t want to ride a bike in the house, some of us want to punch things with our ancient fists of fire.

What do you think? Interested in something like FightCamp? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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