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FightCamp wants to put the boxing ring inside your bedroom

First rule of FightCamp…

person using fightcamp in bedroom
Image: FightCamp

Fitness-as-a-service is the big thing in the health and fitness world right now, with everyone from established players to scrappy startups getting in on the act. One piece of equipment I haven’t seen as yet is the humble punching bag – until now.

FightCamp is a mix of a punchbag, motion-tracking boxing gloves, and a subscription-based series of online training courses. Getting out all of your daily aggression was never so easy to track. Workouts are a mix of boxing and other exercises, with multiple levels depending on your progression.

All of that combines into a HIIT workout that should be more beneficial than purely cardio or strength training.

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The basic concept has been around for about a year, with early stages aimed just at boxers. At the end of 2018, the team decided to open it up to anyone who was interested and include “general fitness” workout content, as well.

The “complete” package is $995 and comes with the punchbag, gloves, trackers, straps and a floor mat. You’ll need a fairly large space to use it at home, generally, an 8′ x 4′ space is recommended but you could squeeze it into a 6′ x 4′ space if you’re in a small apartment.

$49 a month will get you access to the entire library of workout content, with four new workouts being added weekly by the six trainers that FightCamp has on staff. All of these are professional boxing or fighting athletes, so FightCamp is hoping those real-world trainers, and quantified data points is going to be enough to differentiate in an ever-crowded market.

We’ve seen a steady stream of other fitness-as-a-service companies recently, with smart mirrors, smart pseudo-weights, and even Nintendo getting in on the trend. Only time will tell if any of them, like the gym membership you pay for but never use, will last.

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