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Virtual Mate, the immersive crank-off experience, introduces SPA-Skin

Dick burrito.

virtual mate machine
Image: Virtual Mate

I’m not even sure where to start with this one. I’ve reviewed hog blasters before, but that was from a teledildonics angle, rather than just a male satisfaction angle. I’ll get this out of the way now, I’m writing about Virtual Mate because of the technology with a side-eye towards how male-focused it is. I prefer inclusive sex technology.

The catch for Virtual Mate is how it built what it’s calling “The Core”, the actual piece of hardware that is designed to interact with the virtual intimacy system and game for meat wanking reasons. It’s a get off device, but it is unlike any you’ve seen thus far. Perhaps your experience only goes as far as a Fleshlight. Perhaps you are waiting for Josiah to review his own thunder stick. Regardless, the tech in the Core is impressive.

Virtual Mate is still running a very successful funding campaign and the page is a bit of a mess, but the gist is that the Core has a smart warming system, high-sensitivity sensors and Bluetooth connectivity that control depth, speed, and strength. All the while it collects real-time motion data to improve each interaction.

And each interaction is performed via VR with a virtual girlfriend that interacts with users in real-time. All expressions and motions are sampled from actual models to the point that Virtual Mate will be introducing partnerships with porn stars and models for future interactions. That should catch you up on what Virtual Mate offers as of this moment.

To further improve the self-satisfying experience, Virtual Mate is working on something called SPA-Skin

SPA-Skin is an ultra-thin soft-touch material with flexible liquid metal film sensors that will conform to the body (your wang) for enhanced sensory capabilities. Basically, it will seek to mimic the human touch.

This SPA-Skin was developed by scientists in Switzerland (BTW, Switzerland rules and I want to move there someday). “This ingenious material, made from two different labs under the NCCR Robotics program in Switzerland, has the potential to drastically change how we respond to touch in the virtual world,” said Virtual Mate’s Jeff Dillon in a press release.

This tech was absolutely made for the VR porn biz, and we are the perfect partner to introduce this incredible innovation… a soft, wearable material that closely matches human skin and is customizable in a variety of ways to perfectly simulate the sense of connection through touch.

Here are some tidbits for you. First, this is where VR porn is certainly headed. While sex robots are a thing, keeping it simple but technologically sound is a great route to getting more people involved in the VR sex space. Adding haptic feedback through realistic skin on ya dong is a great step forward. Second, the virtual encounters that make up the Virtual Mate intimacy system were developed by Unreal Engine developers, so you know it’s going to be freaking awesome.

The Virtual Mate Core system launches in 2020. It’s not noted when the SPA-Skin will make its way into Virtual Mate systems, but the science is there at least. How this translates into inclusivity for all genders I’m not sure, but it seems that artificial skin with haptic feedback is the one thing that could find a way.

What do you think? Would you be interested in trying out this machine? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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