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First Google Pixel Fold 2 leak outlines multiple changes

Get ready to say goodbye to that camera visor.

Pixel Fold phones in purple background
Image: Google/KnowTechie

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The latest design leak has revealed Google’s second-generation foldable, the Pixel Fold 2, and it looks quite different from the first generation.

Google launched its first foldable smartphone, the Google Pixel Fold, last year, which resulted in tremendous positive appreciation. The company finally proved it is willing to do everything to make Android work better on foldable smartphones. 

Most importantly, Google’s decision not to copy Samsung and use a wider form factor was highly praised as it made the cover screen more useful. 

So, even last year, after the launch, it seemed a second generation was inevitable. However, the biggest question was whether Google was going to keep the same form factor or come up with something different. 

The latest leaked image of Google Pixel Fold 2, courtesy of Android Authority, answers that burning question, and it seems multiple design changes are coming.

Google Pixel Fold 2 leaked design

Google Pixel Fold 2 first leaked image
Image: Android Authority

The Pixel Fold 2 image leaked by Android Authority is not the highest quality. However, after the first glance at the leaked image, it was clear that Google’s second-generation foldable has a narrower cover screen than its predecessor. 

Even the outlet’s source confirmed that the cover screen is narrower. However, most importantly, the internal screen’s aspect ratio is almost like a square. 

Hence, Google’s upcoming folding phone will be closer to the OnePlus Open in terms of the form factor.

Is Google bidding goodbye to the camera visor?

Pixel 8 Pro Cameras
Image: Google

However, the changed form factor isn’t the only visible change in the leaked image. It also reveals the new camera module for the Pixel Fold 2. 

It seems the Fold 2 may get a new camera module with four sensors, aligned to the left side of the device. 

While the leak doesn’t reveal the sensors, we speculate the new camera module will house a primary wide-angle lens, a secondary ultra wide-angle lens, a tertiary periscopic telephoto lens, and the fourth lens is unknown. 

The fourth sensor may be an FIR sensor, capable of measuring the temperature of your skin or objects. However, we cannot say for sure. 

Either way, the camera design on the Pixel Fold 2 is a significant departure from its predecessor and the entire Pixel series. 

That said, the redesigned camera module seems to be the latest Pixel trend. A recent Pixel 9 Pro render leak also revealed a redesigned camera module. The camera module on the Pixel 9 Pro was different from what we saw on the Fold 2, but different regardless.

Another rumor suggests Pixel Fold 2 may skip Tensor G3

google tensor g2 chip
Image: Google

According to another report by Android Authority, Google may skip the Tensor G3 with the Pixel Fold 2 and use the Tensor G4.

The report states Google has been internally testing the Pixel Fold 2 for the last few months, and the earlier prototypes featured Tensor G3 chipset, codenamed “Zuma.” However, that changed recently.

The more recent prototypes have been switched to the Tensor G4 chipset, codenamed “Zumapro.”

Such a major change in the middle of the development suggests Google will likely skip the Tensor G3 chipset for the Fold 2 and move on with the Tensor G4 chipset instead.

While it also means the Pixel Fold 2 launch date will be pushed back a bit, we do hope Google ships the next Fold with the next-generation chipset. One of the biggest disappointments with the first-gen Pixel Fold was its less powerful Tensor G2 chipset.

In addition to the new chipset, the outlet claims that the latest Pixel Fold 2 prototypes sport 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 256GB of UFS 4.0 storage.

In comparison, last year’s Pixel Fold came with 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 256GB of UFS 3.1 storage.

The bump to 16GB memory could be a good thing, and if the report is indeed accurate, this marks the first time Google is shipping a smartphone with more than 12GB memory.

However, Google may be following a different strategy by shipping the device with more RAM for more on-device AI features, courtesy of its new Pixie AI assistant.

Let’s not forget the storage bump to UFS 4.0, which will make loading apps and games much faster.

While the report only mentions 256GB of UFS 4.0 storage, we speculate there will be more storage variants, and we will likely find out more about them closer to launch.

Nevertheless, Google’s Pixel Fold 2 is likely coming with many changes, including design, camera module, bumped-up RAM, and storage. However, the most important upgrade may be the company’s decision to switch to The Tensor G4.

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