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Florida has a new bill that bans social media companies from blocking Florida politicians

Oh, but Disney is exempt, because money.

Florida social media bill and governor bill desantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has officially signed a new bill into place in Florida that bans social media companies like Facebook and Twitter from banning Florida politicians.

SB 7072, first proposed a month after Donald Trump was basically banned from all social media platforms, and in the wake of the attack on the Capitol, DeSantis decided this was a priority, saying it will “lead to more speech, not less.”

Platforms that ban Florida politicians are subject to up to $250,000 fines per day for state officials, and $25,000 for non-state-wide politicians.

One of the most…interesting parts of this bill and one that shows it is definitely about “protecting free speech” and whatever other nonsense DeSantis and company are spewing is that there is a clause that exempts an “information service, system, internet search engine, or access software provider” that owns or operates a theme park or entertainment complex.

Yeah, so Disney and, in turn, Disney Plus. Disney is a huge attraction for Florida and brings millions of people to the state each year. Basically, this means Florida only cares about your “free speech” as long as it doesn’t affect the money flow.

If you are thinking to yourself “Is this a government controlling the speech of a private business?”, you wouldn’t be alone. Many are already calling the Florida law unconstitutional and others say it goes against Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act which gives protections to social companies regarding the content on their platform.

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