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To get back on iOS, Parler is hiding its hate speech but not removing it

I wonder which government building they’ll target next.

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Parler, the infamous social media platform that gained popularity with Trump supporters has found a way to get its app back on the App Store for iOS devices. The platform, which was originally banned from Apple devices in January for promoting hate speech, has done just enough to hide that hate speech to comply with Apple’s standards.

The Parler app was initially banned from the Apple App Store and many other platforms following the January 6 riots that led to an assault on the US capitol building in Washington D.C. Apple decided to remove the app from the App Store, claiming that Parler was not doing enough to combat hate speech on its platform.

Well, now the app has decided it’s time to make a comeback on iOS devices. According to The Washington Post, Parler has begun blocking hate speech on the platform. This seems like a great step right? Well, it’s not as nice as it seems.

The platform has only implemented this system on Apple devices. The company has basically said that they are okay with having hate speech on their platform, but they also need to be available on Apple’s App Store. This is quite a ridiculous stance, even coming from an app with origins based primarily on divisiveness.

For users on Android that side-load the app through the Parler website, as well as desktop users, comments and posts that are flagged can still be shown if the user clicks to allow them. But, again, on Apple, they are just removed completely from the feed.

It would seem to me that a social platform would like to create a space where people from all walks of life could feel comfortable, but I guess that reasoning is bit too logical for most of those people to comprehend.

So there you go. Parler is now available again on iOS, and it has even censored the hate speech on those devices. Well played by Apple to be able to tread that line between censoring between keeping hate speech off of its devices and upsetting certain political groups. The future of Parler is still pretty uncertain, but for now the app has made its way back to iOS.

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