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Ford’s electric F-150 can power your home for 10 days

Now you can have a backup generator that you can also drive to the store.

Ford f-150 lightning platinum model
Image: Ford

Ford’s new F-150 Lightning electric truck has been creating a buzz in the automobile world since President Biden took one for a test drive last year. Now it has been revealed that the truck can be used to power your home for up to 10 days during power outages.

A recent report from Bloomberg covering a staged event showing off the new all-electric truck at a vineyard in California revealed this new capability.

On top of the F-150 Lightning’s impressive speed and range, the vehicle can also be a backup generator for your home.

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Of course, the truck itself features some power output capabilities. There’s a 240-volt outlet in the truck’s bed that can run heavy equipment. And there are several 120-volt outlets dispersed across the vehicle to plug in more tools or appliances.

How do you turn the F-150 Lightning into a backup generator?

Ford f-150 electric vehicle
Image: Ford

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But that’s not what we’re talking about here. The F-150 Lightning doubles as a full-on backup generator that provides power to your house in the case of a blackout. You will need a couple of extra components to take advantage of this power, however.

First, you’ll need the 80-amp charging station that Ford offers. The charging station comes with the extended-range version of the Lightning. But it will cost $1,310 for those who opt for the standard range.

You’ll also need a home integration system from Sunrun Inc. That will cost around $3,895 plus installation costs that vary based on where you are. And with those two components, you’ll have a backup electric generator that you can also take to the supermarket.

Ford told Bloomberg that the F-150 Lightning could fully power a home for about three full days. And that’s a full home including “AC, Xbox, kids going crazy leaving lights on everywhere.” With a little more tact, the truck can provide backup power for up to 10 days.

This is an amazing additional benefit to truck owners who are looking to make the change to an electric option.

With gas prices the way they are these days, the number of people looking to make the change will likely continue to increase.

I expect this new model F-150 will be a huge success for Ford over the next few years. Especially as more and more people finally, hop on board with the idea of electric vehicles.

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