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GameStop’s Fallout Pip-Boy Complete Edition shows how retail chains are garbage

Gamestop is doing Gamestop things and cashing in on the demand for the Pip-Boy Edition of Fallout 4

Back in June, when Bethesda flipped the switch and made pre-orders available for the Pip-Boy Edition of the upcoming Fallout 4 for $119.99, the internet went once. Since that time, the collector’s edition has made itself available and disappeared in seconds of hitting retail outlets. Well, the fine folks at GameStop have obviously been holding reserved copies of the special edition and now they are selling them as a “Complete Edition” for $189.99.


They justify the price by also selling the $29.99 season pass and the $40 collectors edition of the strategy guide with it. There’s no discount in this bundle, everything is at the full price, so all that they’re doing is cashing in on the demand for the Pip-Boy Edition by making people buy the strategy guide (which has a TON of markup). It’s predatory practices like this that make most specialty retail outlets look bad. I understand a company trying to make money, but they should have at least offered some form of discount or at least a t-shirt or reach around for courtesy purposes.

I actually purchased the game from Best Buy and have Gamers Club Unlocked so I got 20% off and a $10 credit. If I want the season pass, I can get it without going over the starting MSRP. I just don’t like seeing people take advantage of consumers.

What are your thoughts on this? Shame on people for waiting for the last-minute? GameStop should have some chill when trying to mark stuff up? Or are you indifferent to the whole thing?

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