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Genshin Impact is the best mobile game of 2020, according to Google Play

This game has the potential to change the mobile gaming landscape.

Genshin impact mobile game
Image: Genshin Impact

The year is winding down towards the holidays, and that means it’s award season. The team over at Google Play singled out some greatness this year, from apps to keep you entertained, to self-help, and to gaming glory. Their pick of the year for mobile games? The smash-hit Genshin Impact, which made almost $250 million in its first month. Whew.

Who could have predicted that an RPG that lets you explore the massive, open-world of Teyvat would be popular during a pandemic when people are stuck at home? Google’s editorial team called it “the best game we’ve played this year,” and who are we to argue with that?

It’s not just that it comes with a rich, huge world to explore on your mobile device. It’s on iOS, PS4, and on PC, with varying levels of cross-platform play. The “gacha” elements are subdued, letting you enjoy the game without having to spend a cent if you prefer, even if Josiah’s wallet would disagree.

We called this back before release, saying it’ll be one of the hits of 2020. We didn’t quite know how huge of an impact it would have on the gaming landscape, but we’re glad to see it. Maybe we’ll see more big-budget mobile games in the future. Heck, if they took the stamina element out of the game, they could probably rerelease Genshin Impact as a standalone title.

But a question still remains…

Does Xbox have Genshin Impact?

Weirdly enough, more than a year later after its release, there’s still no word on a Genshin Impact Xbox release.

What do you think? Have you played Genshin Impact? Do you agree with Google’s award? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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