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GM wants to add ChatGPT to your car

A more advanced voice assistant designed to provide help with your vehicle.

the new gm logo on the front of the general motors headquarters in detroit, michigan
Image: REUTERS/Rebecca Cook

With ChatGPT being the talk of the town in recent months, GM is exploring various uses for OpenAI’s chatbot.

That’s right: GM, the car company.

In a conversation with Reuters, GM Vice President Scott Miller shared some potential uses for ChatGPT in the company’s vehicles.

Imagine a voice assistant with OpenAI’s advanced language models that power ChatGPT that you could access directly from the seat of your car.

“This shift is not just about one single capability like the evolution of voice commands, but instead means that customers can expect their future vehicles to be far more capable and fresh overall when it comes to emerging technologies,” said a GM spokesperson to Reuters.

the new gm logo on the front of the general motors headquarters in detroit, michigan

You could use it to find certain information that would normally be held in your car’s owner’s manual. Or have the assistant help tell you how to change a flat tire.

Car companies have been trying to do this for a long time, only becoming somewhat possible with Apple CarPlay and Siri.

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However, technology has advanced quite a bit in recent years. OpenAI uses advanced language models capable of understanding and generating human-like text. And somehow, it does it surprisingly well.

How does ChatGPT work?

The company uses websites, books, and articles to train ChatGPT’s AI. The chatbot quickly learns relevant information, though its dataset currently stops in 2021.

chatgpt question prompt
Image: KnowTechie

Interestingly, Microsoft teamed up with OpenAI years ago to become the exclusive provider of Open AI’s cloud computing service using Microsoft Azure.

Coincidently, Microsoft partnered with GM in 2021 to work towards self-driving vehicles.

Now the partnership between GM and Microsoft has seemingly expanded with OpenAI. Who knows, perhaps in the upcoming years, every GM car could potentially feature its very own OpenAI chatbot/assistant.

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