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New survey shows Tesla Model Y is the most American-made car

Yes, we were surprised too.

tesla badge on model 3 with full self-driving
Image: KnowTechie

Tesla has a new thing to be proud of – having the most American-made vehicle. Topping online marketplace’s list for the second year in a row, the Model Y SUV took the top spot, closely followed by the Model 3 sedan.

In a year beset with uncertainty and rising gas prices, it’s no surprise that electric vehicles (EVs) are a hot seller. Third on the list is a hybrid plug-in SUV, the Lincoln Corsair.

The Tesla Model X ranks fifth, with the Model S in sixth place. Notably, that’s all four of Tesla’s current vehicles in the top ten, and five of the top ten are EVs.

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That’s good news for EV adoption and bodes well for the future. As a result, most carmakers have pledged to phase out gas-powered cars in the next decade.

The Tesla Model Y is the most American-made car in 2022

tesla model y standard edition
Image: Tesla

In regards to the survey, analyzed five primary factors to derive the rankings. These include the location of final assembly, percentage of US and Canadian parts, country of origin for available engines, country of origin for available transmissions, and US manufacturing employees relative to the automaker’s footprint.

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, General Motors had the most vehicles in the complete list of 95. On the flip side, some names on here did surprise us:

  • Rank 78: Mercedes-Benz GLS; manufactured in Vance, Alabama
  • Ranks 84 through 88: BMW X6, X5, X7, X4, X3; manufactured in Spartanburg, South Carolina
  • Rank 4: Honda Passport (as the highest non-US headquartered brand); manufactured in Lincoln, Alabama

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The biggest takeaway from this list? Americans like buying American-made cars, trucks, and vans. Consequently, that will always give Tesla an edge, with its headquarters in Austin, Texas, and manufacturing in multiple states.

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