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New Gmail update adds email scheduling feature and tweaks the Smart Compose feature

No jokes, just good features.

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It might not seem like it, but Gmail turns 15 today. Gmail has come a long way since its initial launch 15 years ago, becoming Google’s most successful product and also becoming the number one email service on the web in the process.

Today, Google announced a new update to Gmail which adds a couple of features to the email service.  These features include their long-awaited ’email scheduling’ feature and some tweaks to their AI-powered Smart Compose tool.

What to expect from the Gmail scheduling tool

The feature enables users to schedule their emails, just like the name suggests.

The feature will allow users to schedule emails for up to 50 years, with a minimum time starting at 2 minutes. Google states that this feature is part of its “digital well-being” trend that includes features that support “switching off.” G suite director of product management, Jacob Bank stated, “We want to make it easier to respect everyone’s digital well-being.”

Google has also announced some new tweaks to its Smart Compose feature which they revealed back in May of 2018

Previously, the feature was only available on their own Pixel-branded Android phones. Now, however, Google has announced with the new update that the feature will be available in the Gmail app of all Android devices. Unfortunately, iOS users are just going to have to wait a bit longer for the feature to come to them as Bank states that the feature will come to iOS “soon.”

Google has made the Smart Compose feature available in four new languages; Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. They also tweaked the feature so that it can adapt itself to an individual user’s style. Smart Compose can now also suggest a subject line for an email based on the content within.

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