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Google Assistant gets a dedicated ‘driving mode’ this summer

Hey Google, take the wheel.

google driving mode revealed
Image: Google

Google Assistant is slowly becoming part of everything Google creates, but it’s a two-way street. Announced today during Google’s I/O keynote, Google Assistant is getting a dedicated “driving mode,” coming in time for barbecue and beach weather. The flip to this? Google Assistant is also coming to Waze, for even easier trip navigation.

The new Google Assistant mode can be triggered either by saying “Hey Google, let’s drive”, or by connecting your phone to your car’s Bluetooth system. That turns the usual Google Assistant view into a “thoughtfully designed dashboard” that will have driving-relevant activities, top contacts, and personal recommendations siphoned from your email.

That includes things like directions to the movie theater if Assistant knows you have tickets booked that day. It might be good that it’s not coming til the summer, you wouldn’t want Assistant spoiling the surprise of restaurant reservations on Mother’s Day.

The new mode will also let you resume playing any songs or podcasts you were listening to on your last journey, exactly where you left off. Now, anyone with an Android phone can get infotainment-style features on any vehicle they drive.

With the inclusion of Google Assistant in Waze, you’ll be able to use your favorite Waze features via the Assistant. No more distracted driving while reporting other driver’s misfortunes, now you’ll be able to do it all via voice commands.

The company didn’t go into many details about the new Waze integration, other than a rough “in the next few weeks” timeline for rolling out.

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