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Google has started rolling out Android 10 to all users

Pixel owners get it first.

Google android 10
Image: Google

Google has finally released its long-awaited Android 10 update. Momentarily, the update has only been rolled out to Google’s own Pixel phones but more phones will receive the update in the coming days and weeks.

If your phone was supported during the beta phase of the update you can expect to receive the update in the next couple of days. Most of the new features don’t really come as a surprise since the development of Android happens in the open. however, that does not mean that the new Android version does not pack any cool features.

The long-awaited dark mode feature is finally here with the arrival of Android 10

The dark mode promises users improved battery life for phones which feature OLED panels. Currently, only a limited amount of applications support the dark mode feature. However, with time, more apps will automatically switch to a dark theme as well.

Another major change-up in Android 10 is the new gesture navigation. This is an optional feature, as you can still use the same old three-button navigation system Android has always used. The new navigation gesture feature is a tweak of the gesture system offered in Android Pie.

Another new feature in Android 10 is the new, updated Smart Reply feature

This new feature will suggest actions based on your notifications. For example, if you get a notification with a link, Smart Reply will suggest opening the link in Chrome. The same thing applies to addresses, as you will be suggested to navigate to the address on Google Maps.

Other than that, Google can now push important security and privacy updates directly to the phone straight from the Google Play Store, which will allow it to fix problems without having to go through the system update process.

There are two other new interesting features which are currently in beta and are not available as of right now. The first feature is Focus mode, which will allow you to silence specific apps for some time. The second feature is called Live Caption and it will have the ability to automatically caption videos and audio across all apps. These two new features will not be available to users until later this year.

Read Google’s Android 10 release notes here.

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