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Grab a self-cleaning LARQ water bottle at a great discount this Black Friday

Sometimes, technology is pretty cool.

larq self-cleaning water bottle
Image: Larq

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Listen up. You all know about the importance of hydration, right? Did you also know that your humble water bottle could be harboring nasty germs that’ll make you sick? Didn’t think so.

Fix that this Black Friday with a LARQ self-cleaning bottle, with either the original Bottle with its double-walled construction or the lighter single-walled Bottle Movement. Both use UV-C light to clean your water from up to 99.9999 percent of the bacteria it contains, keeping your bottle clean and your health err… healthy?

You can get them in 24 oz and 32 oz sizes, and the patented UV-C system has enough power to clean your drinks for about a month. There’s even a supercharged Adventure mode, which lets you drink water from natural sources like streams, without the worry of stomach upsets. Even better? There are no replaceable filters needed, no annoying tablets to use, just a simple USB port to recharge the battery when it runs low.

From November 26 until Dec. 2, save 10% of any order under $125 on livelarq.com, or 20% off orders over $125, no code necessary. If you’d prefer to shop through Amazon, it’s currently a base 10% off for 17oz original Bottle.

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