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Hands-on: Drone Swarm is a graphically-impressive sci-fi strategy game

There’s something very epic about sending 32,000 drones to do your bidding.

Drone swarm gameplay pax east 2020
Image: Stillalive Studios

There are a lot of unique titles that I’ve had the chance to try out at PAX East 2020, but Drone Swarm, an upcoming title from Stillalive Studios, is definitely one of the more interesting ones I’ve had a chance to dive into.

At its core, Drone Swarm is a sci-fi strategy title where you control 32,000 drones. Yes, 32,000. These drones are the last line of defense for your ship, but it will be up to you to decide how your swarm is used. Not only can you send them to attack, but they can also be used as a defensive shield both for you and the ships you will eventually need to protect.

The whole setup is extremely interesting and requires you to both understand the battlefield, but also have the skill to track enemy ships that are moving. It’s a fun combination, for sure.

In addition to challenging gameplay, the title will also feature an in-depth skill tree and other methods to powerup your drones to give you more advantages on the battlefield.

For example, I upgraded my drones to allow for them to infinitely swarm an area. Perfect for tougher, slower-moving enemies. It will be interesting to see what other types of upgrades are available for your army of drones.

Drone Swarm is scheduled for a Fall 2020 release on Steam, with the developers noting they’d like to see that expanded in the future.

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