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Hate the new iOS 15 version of Safari? Here’s how to change it back

If you hate the Safari changes, you can thankfully revert back.

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It’s the most magical time of the year for Apple fans, with hot new versions of its operating systems hitting our devices.

One of the new changes in iOS 15 is that the humble address bar in Safari has been moved to the bottom. It’s probably to finally make Safari usable one-handed, but feedback from beta testers was mixed.

It seems that some of you don’t like change prefer the old address bar, where you had to do yoga stretches with your fingers to reach.

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Thankfully, Apple listened to feedback during the beta testing phases and included a way to change where the address bar is on the screen.

We’ll show you how to put the address bar where years of muscle memory thinks it should be.

How to get the Safari address bar back up to the top

Open the Safari appios safari browser icon
Tap on the aA icon on the left of the search barios 15 safari browser bar showing aA button for settings
Tap on Show Top Address Barios 15 safari browser showing show top browser bar setting
If you find you prefer it on the bottom, tap aA again and then on Show Bottom Address Barios 15 safari browser showing the browsing bar at the top of the screen

You can also change this from the Settings app

Scroll down to Safari and tap on itios 15 settings app safari
Tap on the new Single Tab option, or tap on Tab Bar to put it back on the bottom
Tapping on Landscape Tab Bar on this menu makes the search bar disappear when you’re using Safari in Landscape mode

Now you know how to put Safari’s search bar back up to the top; like you’re used to from all those years of iPhone ownership. Me? I’m leaving it down at the bottom so I don’t have to lift my hands to tap on it.

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