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Apple is facing two class-action suits over cracking M1 MacBook screens

Of course, some Apple representatives are blaming the users.

macbook pro 13 screen
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Last month, reports of the screens cracking on M1-powered MacBook models started to hit the internet. It seems the problem is widespread enough for not one, but two law firms to file class-action suits against Apple.

The lawsuits have both been filed in California, by the law firms Migliaccio & Rathod LLP and Bursor & Fisher. Both firms filed on Tuesday, September 14. Yes, while Apple was busy unveiling the latest iPhones, they were being served in court. Ouch.

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The lawsuits allege almost the exact same thing, namely that the screens on the M1-powered MacBook Air and MacBook Pro have been cracking or becoming otherwise unusable through no fault of the user.

Some users reported that their screens died after opening the screen from the closed position, or from a “simple adjustment of the screen’s viewing angle.” I mean, it’s a laptop, you have some expectation of being able to open and close the screen, without damaging it, otherwise, it’s not really a laptop.

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The user reports also allege Apple representatives are blaming the users for the breakage, “insist[ing] the culprit is a small item or particle that gets lodged between the keyboard and screen upon its closing.”

That doesn’t explain the screen cracks that occurred while adjusting the opening angle though, and it’s not the first time that Apple has blamed its users for something it later fixed.

While Apple hasn’t responded to the filings as yet, it’s not the first time Apple has dealt with class action suits for its MacBook range.

There was “Keyboardgate” with its faulty butterfly switches, that Apple fixed by going back to the old scissor-switch design. There was also “Flexgate,” which had to do with an internal display cable issue that Apple knew about but kept on selling anyway. That last one failed to be certified as a class action, with Apple creating a special repair program to fix the issue.

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