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How to add pronouns to your Instagram profile

Your pronouns will display beside your name.

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Instagram has joined the list of other social platforms give users the tools to display their gender identities on their profile. Users can pick from a list of pronouns to be displayed on their profile, next to their name.

Users can have up to four different pronouns as part of their profile. Instagram is following in its parent company’s, Facebook, footsteps. Facebook has allowed users to display their pronouns for a few years, but users are limited to he/his, she/hers, and they/theirs.

Instagram has taken a step forward, allowing users to choose up to four pronouns from a much larger list, adding options for ze, ve, as well as others. This feature can be somewhat difficult to figure out. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

How to add pronouns to your Instagram profile

Instagram will display your pronouns directly after your name on your profile, and they will by default only be visible to your followers over the age of 18. Make sure your Instagram is up-to-date, as this is a newer feature.

  1. From your profile, select Edit Profile how to add pronouns on instagram

  2. Select pronouns how to add pronouns on instagram

  3. Type in the pronouns you want to display and choose from the drop-down

In that same section, you can choose whether you want your pronouns to public or private. Instagram also has a process that lets you submit a form if you require a pronoun not found in this list, and you are able to update or remove your pronouns at any time.

So there you go, there’s everything you need to know about adding pronouns to your Instagram account.

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