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How to connect JBL speakers together

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to link JBL speakers together.

How to connect JBL speakers together?
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Quick Answer: To connect two JBL speakers, first pair the primary speaker with your audio source, such as a smartphone or tablet. Once paired, press the ‘Connect’ logo on the primary JBL speaker, and then press ‘Connect’ on the secondary speaker. This will synchronize JBL Connect or JBL Connect+ compatible speakers.

JBL has been around for decades, but most know the company for its durable, premium portable speakers.

Whether you want to annoy everyone at the beach with your questionable music taste or turn your phone into a full-fledged sound system, JBL offers something for everyone.

What many people don’t know is that JBL Bluetooth speakers can easily connect to each other.

The feature dubbed ‘Connect’ rolled out with the Pulse 2, Clip 2, and Flip 3, allowing users to link multiple JBL speakers together. The maximum limit was set to two devices at a time.

jbl speakers
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Naturally, the company saw potential in its lineup of portable speakers. So, it released the next generation of speakers with the ‘Connect+’ (JBL Connect Plus) communication protocol that extended the limit to 100 speakers.

So whether you’re looking to pair one or 100 JBL speakers, this post will offer step-by-step instructions on connecting your speakers together, regardless of the connection method.

JBL Connect vs. Connect Plus – What’s the difference?

JBL Connect allows two speakers to connect at the same time, while JBL Connect Plus allows up to 100 speakers to connect at the same time; however, both technologies are not compatible with one another

If you need more, further down, you’ll find a FAQs section that better explains the connectivity process and its limitations. Let’s get to it.

How to connect two JBL speakers together

Power it up

Turn on all the JBL speakers by pressing the ‘Power Button’

Priming the primary speaker

Press the ‘Bluetooth Button‘ on the primary speaker to enable pairing with the source.

Look for available devices

Open ‘Bluetooth Settings’ on your Mac, Windows, iPhone, or Android, and search for the available devices.

Connect to your audio source

Pair the primary speaker with the audio source

Test by playing music

Play Music from the source. At this moment, you can listen to music from only the primary speaker.

Press the ‘Connect Button’ on the primary JBL speaker. It looks like an ‘hourglass‘ symbol on speakers with ‘Connect’ and ‘Connect+’ communication protocols and an ‘infinity‘ symbol for speakers with ‘PartyBoost.’

In the home stretch

Now, press the ‘Connect Button’ on the secondary speaker and wait for the audio cue.

Congratulations, both speakers are now connected and should simultaneously play the same audio source.


Repeat ‘Step 7’ to connect multiple JBL speakers together. 

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You can download the smartphone app (‘JBL Portable’ (Android, iOS), formerly named ‘JBL Connect’) to visualize the pairing process. In the app, you can switch between ‘Party’ and ‘Stereo’ modes once multiple speakers are connected. 


What JBL Speakers Connect Together? 

JBL speakers can connect with each other as long as they follow the same protocol. For example, Pulse 3 and Charge 4 can connect together, whereas Pulse 2 and Flip 4 can’t connect because they follow different communication protocols.

The list below will help you figure out what protocol your JBL speaker supports.

ProtocolSpeaker Models
JBL ConnectJBL Flip 3, Charge 3, Pulse 2, Clip 2
JBL Connect+JBL Flip 4, Xtreme 2, Pulse 3, Charge 4, Boombox
JBL PartyBoostJBL Flip 5, Flip 6, Pulse 4, Pulse 5, Boombox 2, Boombox 3, Xtreme 3

Keep in mind that JBL’s communication protocols are not backward compatible. Also, older models can’t upgrade to ‘Connect+’  or ‘Party Boost’ except for the JBL Charge 3.

jbl speakers
Image: KnowTechie

What is the Maximum Limit of Connected JBL Speakers?

The limit varies from model to model and depends mainly on the communication protocol. 

How can I set my connected JBL speakers in Stereo Mode?

JBL’s smartphone app allows you to set two or multiple connected JBL speakers to either ‘Stereo‘ or ‘Party‘ Mode.

How many JBL speakers can you connect?

As mentioned earlier, the connection limit is two for models that support the ‘connect’ protocol. Whereas those with the latest protocols can connect to 100 speakers simultaneously.

Can I upgrade from JBL Connect+ to JBL PartyBoost using a firmware update?

No, the old JBL speakers with Connect+ technology cannot upgrade to ‘PartyBoost.’ With only one exception of the JBL Charge 3, the company has strictly isolated its communication protocols. 

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jbl connect android app
Image: KnowTechie

How do I unlink one JBL speaker from the group?

You can delink one or multiple JBL speakers from the rest in a multi-pairing scenario without any inconvenience.

You can either press the power button to turn it off or the connect button to unpair it.

However, before disconnecting, make sure you’re not disconnecting the primary speaker (the one connected to the audio source).

What is the difference between JBL Connect+ and PartyBoost?

While ‘Connect+’ significantly improved over the original ‘Connect,’ PartyBoost has nothing to offer more than the connectivity range.

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The latest Speakers with PartyBoost have a wireless range of 60+ feet compared to 30+ in those with Connect+.

The maximum number of connected devices for both protocols is 100 speakers.

Linking JBL speakers together isn’t so hard

Pairing two or multiple JBL speakers is a breeze, but make sure that all of them have the same communication protocol. 

You can connect up to 100 portable JBL speakers with JBL’s latest connection types (Connect+ or PartyBoost), whereas the old ones (‘Connect’) can be linked to only one extra speaker. Hopefully, this post will make the pairing process easy for you. 

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