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JBL speaker won’t connect? JBL speaker keeps disconnecting? Here’s how to fix that

What can you do when your JBL speaker won’t connect? Here are a few tips that might help.

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Few things are more frustrating than trying to get your JBL speaker to connect.

It seems like it should be a straightforward process – turn on the speaker, wait for your Bluetooth device to make the connection, and start listening. But all too often, we find ourselves struggling with a stubbornly uncooperative JBL speaker.

It can be due to several possible reasons. A weak or unstable Bluetooth signal, interference from other electronic devices, or problems with the speaker itself. For example, things like low battery, outdated firmware, or multiple devices connected simultaneously.

Thankfully, there’s no need to panic. We’ll provide some tips on things you can do to prevent your JBL speaker from disconnecting. And if your JBL won’t connect at all, we have some workarounds for that too.

JBL Speaker Keeps Disconnecting: Possible Fixes

What can you do when your JBL speaker won’t connect? Here are a few tips that might help.

  1. One thing to check is the proximity of your device (Mac, PC, iPhone, or Android) and the JBL speaker. Make sure they are within close range of each other—usually 30 feet or less.

  2. If the speaker connects on its first try, but you’re having trouble getting it to stay connected, try unlinking other devices. Doing so will help reduce the amount of interference the speaker is experiencing.

  3. Be sure your JBL speaker has a fully charged battery. If it is low, charge it before trying to pair again.

  4. Make sure your JBL speaker’s Bluetooth is turned on and ‘Discovery Mode’ is enabled. On most JBL speakers, you will find a blinking blue light on the power button when they are in discovery mode.How to connect JBL speakers to iPhone

  5. You should also check the Bluetooth connectivity of the device you are trying to connect with. If it is weak or spotty, that might be the reason your JBL speaker keeps disconnecting.jbl speakers next to iphone showing how to connect

  6. If there are any other electronic devices (especially a Wi-Fi router) near your JBL speaker that might be causing interference, try moving the speaker to a different location.

  7. If your JBL speaker has been functioning correctly in the past but has started to disconnect just recently, it’s possible that the speaker’s firmware needs an update. You may simply update the firmware via the JBL Portable app available on the App Store and Google Play.jbl connect android app

  8. If all of these solutions don’t seem to be working, you might have to consider resetting your JBL speaker to its factory default settings. This will erase all cache of previous settings and connections, but it could be your best bet to get your speaker working properly again. To reset most JBL speakers, you will have to press and hold the volume up (+) and the Play button simultaneously and let the device restart.jbl speaker keeps disconnecting how to fix on purple background

Hopefully, this fixes your JBL speaker from disconnecting

Hopefully, one of these tips will help get your JBL speaker connected and keep it connected. If not, the last resort would be to reach out to JBL customer support. But we’re confident you won’t have to go down this route.

If you’ve been in a similar experience and have any tips, be sure to let us know in the comments below. But again, we’re confident the tips we provided above should get you on your way.

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