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How to farm mobs in Minecraft

The secret of Minecraft gaming lies within your unceasing capacity of learning new ways and winning strategies to kill mobs.

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Minecraft is one of the best platforms to train yourself in creating and combining things through virtual reality. Not only it allows you to engage in audio-visual game interaction, but it also prepares for endless possibilities, ever-changing adventures, vast creativity in building, mining, and constructing your ideal world through sandbox.

A simple hovering your mouse cursor won’t make any difference. 

In Minecraft, you have to combine useful layers of shortcuts and critical inputs to make your game more strategic, with high programming languages to surpass different missions and a variety of worlds, including the creative, adventure, and survival modes. In other words, you have to begin learning the basics, such as how to farm mobs for you to collect the necessity for survival. 

How much do you know about farming bots? Do you know how crucial it is to learn farming bots as a Minecraft player like yourself? Whether you are an expert or a beginner player of Minecraft, this article is a guide on how to farm mobs in Minecraft

Farming mobs equals increased health protection (HP).

Minecraft stands out from other latest video games, where it offers five different gaming modes with respective difficulties, such as the Creative mode, Survival mode, Adventure mode, Spectator mode, and Hardcore mode.

Excluding Spectator mode, the rest of the world requires you a high mastery and honed expertise in farming mobs. In these modes, you will have a health bar, a hunger bar, and an experience bar. These bars affect your stamina, speed, precision, and strength in killing different kinds of hostile mobs. 

In this case, farming mobs ameliorate the collection of your resources, leveraging your needs with a minimum amount of effort. Through winning strategies like spawning and killing mobs, you can guard your walls and advance the game. 

Moreover, mobs can’t attack you in creative mode. But in the survival and adventure modes, hostile mobs can damage and kill your HP. 

Take note that in Survival mode, you can search for resources, craft items, and pick up whatever you want. However, you will not be able to fly. 

As a professional reminder, you have to play the Creative Mode or Survival Mode first if you want to enable the Minecraft Adventure Mode

Effective ways to farm mobs 

CodaKid, an online expert in coding for kids specializing in Minecraft gaming, reveals that farms can vary greatly in size, designs, and killing strategies. Hence, here are three ways to farm mobs:


Spawning is the basic way of farming mobs. 

As a general rule, spawning has to be done in the dark. Hence, you have to set up a dark room, either around a spawner or somewhere on its own. After this, make sure to light up the room while you’re building a farm to prevent monsters from attacking you.

The size of the room matters in farming mobs. Monsters will only spawn and stay spawned if they’re within 128 blocks of the player. To avoid this to happen, you can restrict the height of your build, at least two blocks for any mobs to spawn, including spiders. 

Also, Endermen only spawn if the room is at least three blocks high. In this case, make sure that the room contains only two blocks high.

Thus, spawning is much more fun by learning how to create a Minecraft server for a multiplayer mode. In this way, breeding is much easier and faster.


Once you have created a spawning room, you can now create a transportation system for farming mobs either by canal or by waterfalls. 

As a general rule, transporting depends on the type and size of farm you created. Here, you can kill all the mobs in a single place, either by manual or automated killing. 

  • Canals 

Canals are the best and easiest water form to transport the mobs into your source. Although it is a no-brainer, there are some important notes that you should consider.

First, lower the canals to the 8th block to allow the water continuously flows toward its source;

Second, consider planning for a strategic canal flow. Here, mobs flow in the water. When left unplanned, they could scatter and clog into a hole. To purposely reach them into your source, you can place a sign and create bigger holes.

Third, place a sign for AI-empowered mobs like zombies and skeletons. The tendency is, these mobs try to avoid falling from a water source. That’s why you need to place a sign instructing them to walk across into the canals. In this way, they will fall into the water source – good for farming.

  • Waterfalls 

Similar to canal transportation, the water current from a fall pushes mobs into the canals, or any other transportation you’ve made.

To create a waterfall, you have to connect a series of pistons to a single lever with redstone. But beware of the size of your farm as this may lead to inefficiency. To test its capacity, place a few torches on every platform where water has to fall. 

Torches must be flushed away. Otherwise, you need to add more pistons.


Now that you’ve finished spawning and transporting them into a single source, it’s time to kill the mobs! But remember, your method of killing depends on your skills and tools. Meaning, some mobs can’t be killed by a player alone.

There are two main ways to kill mobs: manual and automatic killing.

  • Manual Killing

This type of killing allows you to do a collection of mobs by walking to the collection point, or creating another transportation (canal or waterfalls), taking loot directly to your house. 

Again, you have to make them fall into your farm by adding a water elevator to its source through blocks of water and signs in a 2×2 grid. Place them alternately and diagonally as water goes up. 

  • Automatic Killing 

Under the automatic killing, there are four ways to kill mobs:

  • #1 Fall Damage 

Fall damage is a no-brainer way to kill mobs. As a part of the killing process, the fall damage is proportionate as to how a specific mob receives gravitational damage.

  • #2 Lava 

Lava provides the most damaging effect on a mob. While mobs get stuck in the lava with their faces, they will be forced to climb into the ladder by the water and die. Once they die, their bodies float into the water, automatically transporting it to your collection source.

  • #3 Cacti 

Not as damaging as the lava, but cacti kills the mobs through its painful thorns. While they can be a disadvantage of placing them into sands, you can still catch and collect mobs into your collection source. 

  • #4 Pistons 

Pistons are the best tools to crush monsters and mobs. It advances your automatic killing by crushing and suffocating them. As a general rule, you have to ensure that the piston arm is pushing a block. Otherwise, it won’t take any effect. 

Key Takeaways 

The secret of Minecraft gaming lies within your unceasing capacity of learning new ways and winning strategies to kill mobs. Hence, by studying the basics, you will elevate into the advanced stages. 

Being said, farming mobs is your weapon to succeed in every Minecraft mode. Whether it be for a creative mode, survival mode, or adventure mode, farming mobs equals increased health protection. 

Indeed, there are three ways to farm mobs in Minecraft:

  1. Spawning;
  2. Transporting; and
  3. Killing.

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