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How to hard reset a Ring Doorbell

You might find you need to reset your Ring Doorbell. We’ll show you how, and everything else you need to know.

Two different model ring doorbells on the background
Image: KnowTechie

Quick Answer: To hard reset a Ring Video Doorbell, find the reset button and hold it down for ten to twenty seconds. We will walk you through the process below.

Ring makes some of the best home security cameras, including the video doorbells they’re best known for, but what if you run into issues?

Like many tech devices, resetting or rebooting a Ring Doorbell can fix many minor issues or glitches.

If you got your Ring Doorbell with your new home or installed it ages ago, you might not know how to reset it.

We’ll walk you through the process and any important information.

Here’s what you need to know.

How to factory reset a Ring Doorbell

ring battery doorbell pro installed next to a front door with a pile of packages in front of it
Image: Ring

Before you proceed, knowing which Video Doorbell model you have is important. That said, if you have the special screwdriver handy, you can find the reset button once you remove the doorbell’s cover.

That’s because you’ll need to access the reset button to reset your Ring Doorbell. Here’s where Ring puts it on each model.

ModelReset Button LocationReset Process
Ring Video Doorbell (1st Gen)Back of the device (orange button)Press and hold the reset button for 10-20 seconds
Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen)Back of the device (orange button)
Ring Video Doorbell 2Top right, just below the camera (black button)
Ring Video Doorbell 3/3 Plus/4
Ring Video Doorbell Wired/Pro/Pro 2/ElitePro models: Right side of the doorbell. Elite model: Above the camera

While we’re resetting your Ring Doorbell, you’ll want to make sure it has enough power.

For wired versions, that means leaving it attached to the low-voltage wires, and for battery-powered models, you’ll want to charge it to full before you begin.

This is so it doesn’t run out of power partway through, which could cause more significant issues and leave you with an inoperable Ring Doorbell.

Remove the two security screws

Use the Torx screwdriver to undo the two security screws at the bottom of the Ring Doorbell.

Access the reset button

Depending on your model, you either remove the faceplate or unclip the Doorbell to reach the reset button.

Press the reset button

Press and hold the reset button for ten to twenty seconds until the white lights on the front of the Doorbell start flashing.

Wait for it to reset

Wait for the white flashing lights to change their pattern to a spinning ring around the Doorbell’s button.

Once the spinning ring of white lights is shown, the Ring Doorbell is in setup mode and searching for a Wi-Fi network.

It also means the reset is finished, and your Ring Doorbell returns to factory settings. This should have fixed any lingering issues with prior software updates.

To transfer a Ring Doorbell to another owner

If you want to transfer ownership of the Doorbell, the hard reset isn’t enough. You must also remove it from the Ring app. 

Make sure you download all important data within the Ring app associated with the Doorbell. Save it to your computer or smartphone. Removing the Doorbell will automatically delete all the data.

Here’s how to remove the Ring Doorbell from your account once you have your data saved.

  1. Open the Ring app and sign in.
The image displays a Ring App interface on the purple background
Image: KnowTechie
  1. Select the Doorbell you want to remove.
App showing instructions to open the device settings
Image: KnowTechie
  1. Tap the settings icon.
Image shows ring app interface and red arrow pointing towards device settings
Image: KnowTechie
  1. Scroll down and select Remove This Device.
device deactivation from the ring app
  1. Confirm the removal of the Doorbell from your account.
Image shows remove device button on the phone screen
Image: KnowTechie

Now the Ring Doorbell is unattached to any account and set to factory settings. It can now be set up on a new account, or sold to a new owner.

Now you know how to hard reset a Ring Video Doorbell

If you’ve been asked to reset your Ring Doorbell by support or wanted to clear off your personal information to pass it to a new owner, now you know what to do.

Hopefully, the reset has solved the issues you were having, and you can return to knowing that the front of your home is protected by video streaming and motion detection.

If things still aren’t working properly, reach out to Ring customer support for further troubleshooting, or a replacement device if you’re still within the warranty period.

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