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How to set a sleep timer for Apple Music on iPhone

Like falling asleep to music but don’t want it playing throughout the night? This can help.

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Do you like to fall asleep listening to music? Do you like the music to stop playing once you’re no longer awake? Do you want to avoid having the artists on your playlist influence your dreams? You should.

While Apple Music doesn’t have a built-in sleep timer, you can rig the iOS Clock app to perform the same function. The trick is simple but effective.

Let’s discuss how to use the Clock app in iOS to set an Apple Music sleep timer.

Set an Apple music sleep timer in iOS

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If you are over Apple Music playing music throughout the night, here’s how to use the Clock app to set a sleep timer:

Launch Apple Music and start playing tunesapple music on iphone
Launch the Clock app and tap Timerwhen timer ends feature on ios clock app
Set the timer for the amount of time you want the music to play
Tap When Timer Ends, select Stop Playing, and tap Setstop playing music on clock app
Tap Start

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That’s it. Your tunes will cease to play when the timer expires, and you can continue to sleep in peace.

Sleep timers should be obsolete

While sleep timers are handy, they aren’t always accurate. Knowing exactly when you’ll fall asleep can be difficult, so you run the risk of dozing off early and waking suddenly to a death metal scream or losing your music prematurely. Perhaps there’s a better solution.

The Apple Watch already tracks your sleep, so adding a feature that pauses your tunes when you’re no longer awake makes sense. Or maybe an AI assistant that watches you while you sleep and controls your music would be another much creepier option.

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