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HTC will unveil a phone designed for the Metaverse on June 28

It’s a ‘metaverse phone’, and no, we don’t know what that means either.

htc viverse smartphone launch invite
Image: HTC

The last time we covered an HTC smartphone announcement, Bitcoin was under $6,500. Now HTC’s back with a new smartphone, and the company plans on unveiling it on June 28.

HTC’s smartphone resurrection seems like a cheap way to piggyback onto the latest buzzword. Why? Because the reveal will show off a metaverse-enabled smartphone. Not the same metaverse Meta wants, but one running on HTC’s own Viverse.

Yes, Viverse.

In HTC’s own words, this is “an interoperable ecosystem where different content platforms interconnect to form a seamless user experience in a decentralized, secure, and open way.” See what we said about buzzwords? They’re all here.

There are lots of unknowns around HTC’s latest handset. Price, for starters. Given that they want it to be a portal to Viverse, expect flagship specs, and flagship prices, of $1,000 or more.

Comparing apples to apples, the blockchain-focused Exodus 1 was $960 at launch, and that was before 5G was a thing. We also don’t know if it will be an Asian market-only release or a worldwide one.

Expect some integration with HTC’s Vive headsets, maybe as a controller to do tasks while you’re in VR. Why would anyone want to use a touchscreen device when their eyes are covered by VR screens? We’re not sure but it’s a likely part of the announcement.

We’ll have to see how expensive this latest HTC smartphone will be when it’s revealed on June 28. We can only wonder what associated costs the HTC Viverse smartphone will carry.

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