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You can now get Hulu’s ad-supported tier for only $5.99

This used to only be a promotional price, but that no longer seems the case.

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Netflix might have lost its chill and raised subscriptions to offset its $15 billion in spending on content, but rival Hulu has dropped the price of its basic subscription tier from $7.99 to $5.99 per month. This new rate will go into effect on Feb 26th.

Hulu’s price drop only affects the ad-supported basic tier of its subscriptions, in contrast to Netflix who changed prices on all tiers. The ad-free plan on Hulu will remain at $11.99 per month, while the Hulu + Spotify combination plan stays at $12.99 per month. Previously $5.99 was a recurring promotional price, so it appears that it was enough of a draw to new subscribers that Hulu has kept the pricing going forward.

With Hulu ending 2018 on a high of 25 million subscribers, this pricing change looks like an attempt to keep the momentum going as the streaming wars heat up in 2019. With Disney, who will own a majority share in Hulu once the FOX acquisition goes through, also launching its own Disney+ streaming service, the future could hold changes for Hulu. We’ll have to wait to see if Disney decides to use it as a more adult-orientated streaming service to complement the family-friendly programming on Disney+.

If you’re worried that the drop in pricing will be offset by even more ads while you’re binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy, don’t be. Hulu has no plans to increase the frequency of advertising at this time. If you’re a Hulu Live TV subscriber, your fees will rise slightly to $45, but you’ll also get the addition of the Discovery channel. It seems that the promise of cheaper-than-cable TV isn’t quite what it promised.

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