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If you think someone has hacked into your Spotify – here’s how to check

If you are seeing random songs and playlists on your account, you might have been hacked.

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It’s a depressing fact of modernity that if you have an online account with any service, the chances are someone is trying to hack their way in. It might not be a targeted attack, more likely a password stuffing attack from the reams of data in the huge credential leaks, but it will happen to most of you.

Spotify isn’t immune to this, with criminals often targeting the service. That’s compounded by Spotify suffering a data breach in December of last year, with “an undisclosed number” of users having their registration information leaked to “business partners.”

If you’re worried someone else is using your Spotify account, or you’ve been the victim of a hacker, here’s what you need to know so you can secure your Spotify account again.

Check if your account has been hacked

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If you open the Spotify player and notice tracks that you’re sure you never listened to, that’s a clear indicator that someone else has been using your Spotify. Now that might not be a hacker, it could be a friend or partner or family member that you lent your Spotify to and never logged out, but it’s worth digging deeper to find out if that’s the case.

Oh, and those kids’ playlists on my otherwise eclectic listening history? Yeah, my toddler has taken over my Spotify account so the hack is coming from inside the house…

Other things to note are:

  • Playlists disappearing or appearing – a sure sign someone else is also using your account
  • Music randomly playing – Hey, if you’re not playing it, someone else must be, right?
  • Notifications about logins – Spotify is good about letting users know if suspicious logins are happening, so check straight away if you get a notification from them
  • Odd subscription changes – Maybe you noticed your subscription charge was a little higher this month, so check in Account > Receipts to see if an unauthorized change has occurred, like going from Solo to a Family plan
  • Password or email not working – Maybe this is just a typo, but it could also mean that someone has access to your account and has tried locking you out

What can you do if your Spotify account was hacked?

If you can confirm that your Spotify account has been hacked, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Okay, the first thing you have to do is sign in to your Spotify account from a browser

  2. Then you want to go to your Account page and scroll down until you see a big button saying SIGN OUT EVERYWHERE Spotify sign out everywhere button

  3. Click on that, and every other place you’ve ever signed into Spotify will be logged out, except the browser that you pressed the button on. This is especially handy if you’ve lost the device you used to sign in to Spotify

  4. Check your Spotify email

    Maybe the hacker got into your account because of a password breach at another service. Time to check the email associated with your account

  5. Go to the Account page, then click on Edit Profile

  6. Change the email address to one you own, if the hacker changed it. If not, you can decide if you want to change it to another email, or continue on to change your password

  7. Password time

    You’ll want a stronger, unique password for Spotify, especially now that you think someone was using it

  8. Go to Account and scroll down to click on Change Password. It’s also a good time to sign up for a password manager, if you don’t already use one. If you do, let it create a unique, long password for you

  9. Disconnect apps or social media links

    Go to Account then click on Apps. If you see anything suspicious, click on the Remove Access button to revoke their ability to get your Spotify information Spotify apps in accounts

  10. Recover playlists

    If any of your playlists disappeared, try going to Account then click on Recover Playlists. That should let you restore all your missing jams

  11. If all else fails, contact Spotify Support

    Select Logging In > Someone’s taken over my account > I still need help, and fill in the information that the Spotify Support Bot asks. You’ll need several proofs of identity, like invoices or bank statements to get your account back

Hopefully, you’ve recovered your Spotify account and removed any unwanted access. Keeping your account safe from now is a combination of strong passwords, keeping track of which devices you’ve signed in on, and not sharing your passwords with anyone.

Have any thoughts on this? Have you ever had issues with hacking on Spotify? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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