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Leak shows a larger iPhone 16 Pro and Action Button for iPhone 16

Bigger screens, Capture button, redesigned camera island for the 2024 iPhone models.

iPhone 16 Mockups showcasing the camera layout
Source: MacRumors

The iPhone 16 series rumor mill is grinding in full swing. Numerous rumors have been swirling around the vanilla iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro models, including a redesigned camera island for the vanilla models, thinner bezels, increased size for the “Pro” models, and more. 

However, a new leak has revealed some pretty significant hardware upgrades for the iPhone 16 series, which could become a game changer for the new Apple smartphones. 

The new leak consists of multiple images, shared on the Chinese social media platform Weibo and by Majin Bu on X/Twitter.

The images showcase a few radical changes for the upcoming iPhone series. However, we suggest taking the mentioned changes highlighted in these images with a pinch of skepticism. 

Some “Pro” features for the vanilla iPhone 16s

Image: Majin Bu on X/Twitter

The vanilla iPhone 16 models are expected to get a new feature previously exclusive to the Pro iPhone models – the Action Button. 

Last year, the Action Button replaced the mute slider on the iPhone 15 Pro models, which is customizable and can do many things besides silencing your iPhone.

Although the vanilla iPhone 16 models are expected to retain their display sizes, 6.1 inches, and 6.7 inches, respectively, the back of the vanilla iPhone 16s will feature the biggest upgrade. 

Apple is expected to change the camera layout on the iPhone 16, and the leaked images show a vertical camera arrangement. 

This may look like a step back for Apple, as the tweaked design makes the iPhone look like the older iPhone X from 2017.

Rumor has it that the new camera layout will allow the vanilla iPhones to capture spatial videos, like last year’s Pro iPhone 15 models. 

iPhone 16 Pro models are getting bigger

Image: Majin Bu on X/Twitter

On the other hand, the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max are getting bigger. Older reports have claimed that Apple is trying to make the bezels thinner to deliver a greater screen real estate.

However, the dummy units on the leak show the iPhone 16 Pro and 15 Pro side by side, and you can see the noticeable size difference between the two.

While this is an unexpected development, it does corroborate an older rumor about a size jump for the iPhone 16 Pro from 6.1-inch to 6.3-inch and from 6.7-inch to 6.9-inch for the iPhone 16 Pro Max. 

If the leak is accurate, the iPhone 16 Pro Max could become the biggest iPhone ever.

Another new button! 

Image: Majin Bu on X/Twitter

However, the most intriguing upgrade is coming in the form of a customizable button. The iPhone 16 series appears to be getting a new Capture button, positioned below the Power button on the right side, based on the dummy units.

It also looks like all four models of the iPhone 16 series are slated to receive this new button. While we are unsure of the button’s exact functionality, it is speculated to be camera-related.

There also have been previous iPhone 16 case leaks that have confirmed the presence of this alleged button. 

Either way, the potential size increase for the iPhone 16 Pro models, the new Capture button, and a redesigned camera island for the iPhone 16 standard models paints an exciting picture for this year’s iPhones. 

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