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iRobot now wants to mow your lawn with its new robotic Terra mower


irobot terra lawn mower
Image: iRobot

Not content with cleaning up life’s messes inside the home, iRobot now wants to tackle that dreaded outdoors task – mowing your lawn. The rugged Terra robot mower does just that, automatically keeping your turf trimmed and neat.

All of the mapping and navigation technologies that you’ve come to expect on the Roomba is stuffed into this grass-guzzling little guy. Imprint Smart Mapping technology keeps the Terra robot snipping in straight lines, just like those on a golf course.

While I expect it’ll cut at one height, the app does let you control the height of the grass so it’d be cool to see if dual-height rows could be programmed for that striped look. As with all iRobot robots, Terra will remember where it was in the yard if it has to run back to base to recharge partway.

iRobot Terra mower
Image: iRobot

More about iRobot’s Terra mower

As a companion to that Imprint Smart Mapping tech, the Terra system has a newly developed wireless communications system, with standalone beacons for delineating the boundaries of your lawn. Setup is a walk in the er.. grass, just put the beacons around the outside of your lawn and drive the Terra robot around the perimeter once. Then you never have to worry about pulling out your lawnmower as Terra will keep things in trim on the schedule you set.

Terra will also stay on your lawn, not your flowerbeds – something that the neighborhood kids should take heed of. With the average American homeowner spending 70 hours a year maintaining their lawn, couldn’t your time be better spent elsewhere? Maybe by putting up those shelves that have been gathering dust in the garage? Whatever you do with that extra time, just make sure to put your old lawnmower out to pasture.

iRobot will be selling the Terra robotic lawnmower later this year in Germany and in the U.S. as a beta program.

Do you need this in your life? Do you see any issues with it? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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