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Eve Aqua lets you control your outdoor faucet from your phone

Thanks to Thread support, you can integrate any normal outdoor faucet with Homekit.

eve aqua smart faucet main
Image: Eve

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Eve, a smart home product company, has just launched a new, updated version of its Eve Aqua smart outdoor faucet controller. The latest update added a brass connector and support for Thread to better integrate with your HomeKit devices.

Eve offers a line of smart home products that are compatible with Apple’s smart home platform, HomeKit. The company recently upgraded its Eve Aqua.

The Aqua turns your regular outdoor faucet into a fully integrated smart faucet that you can control from your Apple device.

The smart faucet controller is a perfect accessory for your sprinkler system. You can control the activation of your watering system using your iPhone or the button on the front of the device.

Additionally, Aqua will automatically turn itself off after a certain time to not waste any water.

eve aqua smart faucet body 1
Image: Eve

You can also set a schedule for the device to automatically water your plants for your through the Home app or the Eve app for iPhone. Then, you won’t have to worry about manually activating your system when you want to water.

The latest update added a universal brass connector and a magnetic valve to offer better leak resistance. The company also added support for Thread to the Eve Aqua smart faucet.

Thread is mesh network software for HomeKit devices that helps to improve connectivity between devices.

Essentially, devices with Thread software can connect to each other to create their own network. Then, these devices can talk to each other, increasing the range at which you’ll be able to interact with each device.

You can find the newly upgraded Eve Aqua smart faucet on Eve’s online store for $149.95. There’s also a listing for the new faucet on Amazon, though it’s currently unavailable.

If you’ve got an irrigation system that you’d like to integrate into your HomeKit smart home, then the Eve Aqua might be the perfect option.

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