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Is Sony working on a wireless PSVR headset?

A recent patent suggests the company could be.

Image: TechRadar

If there’s one the current PSVR is lacking, it’s certainly wireless capabilities. Unlike the Oculus Quest or the Oculus Go which uses a wireless connection to connect to a PC, the PSVR requires wires to connect to the PlayStation 4. So, with that said, is Sony working on a wireless version of the PSVR?

According to a recent patent found by LetsGoDigital, they possibly might be. The patent was filed back in February and shows some pretty significant changes to the PSVR headset. Most importantly, there are no wires. In the patent, there’s mention of wireless capabilities through the use of Bluetooth.

Additionally, the images in the patent show new outward-facing cameras. There’s two on of the front of the headset and another one on the back. There’s even a camera on the controllers themselves for some reason too.

psvr 2 patent

Image: Lets Go Digital

If Sony has plans for a wireless PSVR headset, this will be huge. It will certainly set itself apart from the many other competitors in the tethered headset space. But just because there’s a patent filed doesn’t mean this is happening. We’ve seen countless other patents filed in the past that never come to light, so take this one with a grain of salt.

With plans of a new PlayStation 5 being launched in the holiday season of 2020, I suppose we’ll learn more in the months leading up to the launch. Until then, we’ll just have to be patient.

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