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Is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 water-resistant?

The new version added lots of durability – was water resistance part of that?

Samsung galaxy z fold 3 handset on purple background
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Samsung’s new Galaxy Z Fold 3 is finally on the way. Samsung has abandoned its Galaxy Note line for now and has shifted all of its faith and focus towards foldable smartphones.

Since first diving into the world of foldable smartphones in 2019 with the original Galaxy Z Fold, Samsung has made many improvements and each iteration has been more impressive than the previous. With improved hinging and substantial increases in performance, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 looks to prove its doubters wrong.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 features improved durability, with stronger aluminum for the hinging and Gorilla Glass Victus protecting the screen. But the Z Fold 2 didn’t feature any water resistance whatsoever, so has Samsung finally added water resistance to its folding phone?

Is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 water-resistant?

Short Answer: Yes

The answer is yes. For the first time since the original Z Fold came out in 2019, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is water-resistant. The phone has an IPX8 water resistance rating, which means that it can survive for up to 30 minutes further than 1 meter underwater!

Now you can take your Galaxy Z Fold 3 down waterslides or wash it in your kitchen sink. It’s probably not smart to do those things, as electronics should still be kept away from water whenever possible, but technically you could.

More importantly, it’s nice to know your Z Fold 3 isn’t going to die when you accidentally drop it in the toilet while you’re watching YouTube videos hiding from your kids.

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