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LG is showcasing a gaming monitor at CES 2021 that can curve when you want it to

OLED and a 120Hz refresh rate.

lg curvable monitor
Image: LG

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We’re now a week away from the start of the first virtual CES, where everything new and great in consumer tech will be shown off. One of the early teasers from the event comes from LG, who will be showing off a 48-inch ultrawide monitor with a twist – it can be flat for movie watching, then curved for immersive gaming.

Yes, you can have a gaming monitor that’s essentially a huge foldable phone screen. The power of bendable OLED means that LG can put a 1,000R curvature onto a flat-screen at any time, making it transformative to your content. The panel also features a 120Hz refresh rate and variable refresh that works between 40Hz and 120Hz.

Photo editing or movie watching can all be done while the screen is flat, so you don’t have distracting curves from onscreen straight lines or other annoyances. When you’re ready to dive into a game, curve the screen and get a more immersive display for wider peripheral vision. It’s a pretty neat trick, and we look forward to maybe getting some hands-on experience once a release date is set.

That’s not all this huge monitor does though, as LG has used CSO (Cinematic Sound OLED) tech on this behemoth. That essentially turns the whole display into a flat speaker, vibrating the OLED panel as the diaphragm would in a traditional speaker. That improves on immersion, as the sound comes from the direction your brain would expect from the images it is seeing.

Overall, it’s a unique use of foldable screen tech, and hopefully we’ll see more of this at CES 2021.

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