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McDonald’s made a gaming chair because nothing is sacred

Maybe just stick to burgers and fries in the future.

mcdonald's gaming chair close up
Image: McDonald's Facebook

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Somewhere along the road in this dystopian timeline, humanity took a wrong turn, leading us to a reality that includes a McDonald’s gaming chair.

Yes, you read that correctly: A McDonald’s gaming chair. And it’s completely real. Fortunately for most of us, only four of these chairs exist.

These chairs were recently revealed as a part of a competition that McDonald’s is running on Facebook. Because no other platform in the world would tolerate this kind of thing from the fast-food giant.

If you just pictured “McDonald’s gaming chair,” I’m almost certain that your imagination created a better looking version than McDonald’s interpretation.

Everything starts okay, with the black base and leather trim. The yellow wheels throw everything off a bit, but the color would be acceptable if that were the only problem.

But, sadly, that’s just the beginning. The entire backrest and seat are mustard-yellow with the word “McCrispy” splattered across.

Plus, there are trays extending off either side of the armrest to hold your food. For literally no reason, those are also the same mustard-yellow color.

To be fair, the trays seem pretty convenient. They have a slot to hold your fries and a space to hold some dipping sauce. The other side has a ‘heat zone’ to keep your food warm while you’re gaming.

Most aspects of the chair look pretty decent, at least. But it just throws you off from the beginning with that awful mustard-yellow dominating most of the chair.

If you’re interested in the McCrispy gaming chair from Mcdonald’s, you’ll have to enter its competition to win. And if you want to skip Facebook, here’s a direct link to the competition.

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