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Is God of War Ragnarök worth buying? Here’s what reviewers say

Reviews have started coming out a week ahead of launch.

God of war ragnarok three characters
Image: PlayStation

One of 2022’s most highly anticipated games is almost here. God of War Ragnarök comes out on November 9, and early reviews have already started to surface.

God of War Ragnarök brings PlayStation gamers back to the famous role of Kratos, a Greek god of war. It’s a sequel to 2018’s God of War, where Kratos joins up with his son, Atreus, in a plot intertwined with Norse mythology.

Just about a week before the game’s launch on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, early reviews have started coming out for God of War Ragnarök. So will the game be as big of a hit as its predecessor?

God of War Ragnarök doesn’t stray far from its roots

God of war: ragnarok teaser image
Image: Sony

Like 2018’s God of War, Ragnarök is a third-person action RPG. It follows a semi-linear path with a few different areas that you can explore, but a mostly streamlined story.

The game has plenty of side quests and missions that you can accomplish to build Kratos’ strength and unlock new abilities.

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And fans of 2018 God of War’s combat will be happy to hear that not much has changed in that realm, either. Although there are some minor mechanical changes.

For example, you start with the fiery Blades of Chaos in God of War Ragnarök. These utility weapons not only help you out in a fight but also give you more mobility options for exploring secret areas.

God of war ragnarok fight with kratos shield
Image: PlayStation

Early reviews show that some people are fans of the familiar yet upgraded combat in God of War Ragnarök.

“Combat is thrilling regardless of whether you’re fighting a smattering of Draugers or trading blows with gods. It’s thoughtfully designed and thoroughly satisfying from the first swing of the axe to the very last,” said GameSpot’s Tamoor Hussein.

Others seem to think that Sony Santa Monica should have evolved the combat and gameplay a little more than they have.

“The shadow of God of War looms large, and Ragnarök lacks the originality and mystique that made its predecessor a once-in-a-generation delight,” wrote CNET’s Daniel Van Boom.

Emotional storytelling and character development

The real shining point in God of War Ragnarök is the game’s storytelling and character development.

Reviewers say you can rush through the game’s story in around 20 hours while you spend more than 40 hours completing the game 100 percent.

During that time, you’ll meet all kinds of characters from Norse mythology, both old and new to the God of War series.

For most early reviews, Ragnarök’s gripping story keeps you invested.

Paul Tassi for Forbes wrote, “If Ragnarök improves on God of War in one significant way, it’s how it utilizes the entire cast to enormous affect here, new characters, but also old ones.”

2018’s God of War ended on a cliffhanger, leaving much of Kratos’ journey through Norse mythology untold. For fans of the game, this sequel seems like a great continuation of that familiar journey.

For that kind of continuation to succeed, the story has to be one that will leave fans in awe at the end of their playthrough. And it looks like Ragnarök succeeds in doing just that.

“I felt emotionally drained and wrung out, akin to experiencing a 30-plus-hour cathartic cry session,” Ash Parrish of The Verge.

Emotionally drained is likely the feeling the developers were going for when writing Ragnarök’s story.

God of War Ragnarök seems like a must-try for PlayStation gamers

God of war ragnarok gameplay
Image: Santa Monica Studio

If the God of War series is on your radar, you’ve likely been anticipating this game for a while now. 2018’s God of War was a massive hit that became an instant classic in the minds of PlayStation gamers.

Fans of the previous game who have already gotten their hands on a copy seem very satisfied with the series’ latest entry.

Danny Lore for NPR said, “I was eager to follow every thread toward its inevitable, apocalyptic conclusion.”

Insider’s George Yang had maybe the most sensible conclusion: “God of War Ragnarök doesn’t reinvent the series, but it’s still a must-play for any gamer who likes narrative-focused, action-adventure games.”

For PlayStation gamers, it looks like God of War Ragnarök is a game that should be on your list. Especially if you were a fan of the original game.

But for us PC and Xbox gamers, we’re unfortunately out of luck. God of War Ragnarök is a PlayStation exclusive until Sony decides they want to sell a few more copies to PC gamers a few years down the line.

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