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MediaTek’s next-gen chipset will challenge Snapdragon’s dominance

This is a big deal. Here’s why.

In this image, a 5G-enabled MediaTek Dimensity processor is being showcased. Full Text: 5G L MediaTek Dimensity
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Every year, MediaTek and Qualcomm’s flagship mobile processors go toe to toe in terms of power, speed, and efficiency. This year, MediaTek has announced they are taking the fight to Qualcomm

Currently, MediaTek’s most powerful mobile processor is Dimensity 9200, and last year, it took the fight to Qualcomm’s powerhouse, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

Now, the Taiwanese chip manufacturer is looking at the future and has revealed the plans for its next-generation chipsets. 

MediaTek announced its plans via Weibo. The company revealed Arm’s latest Cortex-X4 CPU core, Cortex-A720 CPU core, and Arm Immortalis Mali-G720 GPU would power MediaTek’s upcoming Dimensity flagship mobile processor. 

The announcement shouldn’t surprise MediaTek fans, as the company has been using the latest and greatest CPU and GPU technologies in its mobile processors for the last two years.

However, it could mean the next-generation Dimensity chipset, i.e., Dimensity 9300, could be leaps and bound ahead of its predecessor and a strong contender against Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 mobile processor. 

Additionally, the Taiwanese company revealed a new architecture for its next flagship chipset, which is supposed to be “groundbreaking.” The process is more capable in terms of multitasking and will have enhanced performance. 

What to Expect from MediaTek’s Next Mobile Chipset

MediaTek was upfront about its announcement and the details of its new chipset; however, the company skipped a few key details.

For example, we are not sure whether the company will use the latest Cortex-A520 in its new processor, which was released alongside Cortex-X4 and A720.

The likely outcome is the company won’t use the new processor as it doesn’t have the little cores. On the other hand, we have seen other chipmakers ditch the little altogether.   

We are referring to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Qualcomm reduced the number of little cores from four to three and added a new medium core to fill the gap.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 leaks have also started coming in, indicating Qualcomm is reducing the number of little cores again to two and adding another medium core. 

So, it certainly looks like reducing the number of little cores is the current trend. However, manufacturers are eliminating them altogether, as they may have potentially adverse effects on the chipset’s efficiency and overall performance. 

That said, MediaTek has claimed its next-generation chipset (Dimensity 9300 or whatever they name it) will bring a groundbreaking performance boost and better efficiency.

So, let’s wait for MediaTek’s new trump card and see what sort of improvements it brings to the plate.

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