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Samsung may launch a mid-range foldable phone in 2024

We expect aggressive pricing for Samsung’s mid-range foldable.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 phone
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

Samsung is reportedly working on a mid-range Galaxy foldable smartphone, targeted to launch in 2024. The Korean tech giant is one of the first companies to adopt the foldable form factor and make it commercially available.

However, using a still-developing technology has made the company’s foldable smartphones out of reach for most people. 

So, Samsung intends to remedy that issue, and according to the research firm TrendForce’s report, the company wants to do it by launching a mid-range foldable phone in 2024.

Samsung’s mid-range may fall in the same price category as the Galaxy A54

While TrendForce reports that Samsung is planning a mid-range foldable smartphone for 2024, the outlet didn’t provide any additional details. 

But not to worry, renowned leaker Revegnus has claimed on X that the company plans to charge $400 to $500 for a mid-range Galaxy foldable phone.

However, we speculate that the leaked price tag applies to a mid-range version of the Galaxy Z Flip model. 

The Galaxy Z Flip models start at $1000, which is relatively cheap compared to the Z Fold models, which start at $1,800. So, a $400 to $500 price tag seems plausible for the clamshell-type foldable.

However, let’s not forget a $400 to $500 price tag means the Korean manufacturer is significantly reducing the price, even undercutting the cheapest foldable smartphone of 2023.

For example, the Motorola RAZR 2023 was a relatively cheaper foldable at $700, and Samsung is planning to charge $200 or $300 less. Samsung could perhaps ditch the cover display entirely for this model to bring the cost down.

If the leak is accurate, it means the company’s first cheap foldable smartphone would cost the same or less than the Galaxy A54, considered one of the best mid-range smartphones of the year. 

It is a well-known fact that the Galaxy A series accounts for a large percentage of the company’s revenues.

Planning a foldable at the same price range indicates the company is trying to boost foldable sales by pushing them in the front lines with an affordable price tag. 

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