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NBC’s Peacock streaming service will be strutting its way to your screens on July 15

At least there is a free tier.

Nbc streaming service called peacock
Image: NBC

Coming in hot to muddy the streaming wars even further, NBCUniversal’s new service, Peacock, is strutting onto your screens later this year. There are three tiers from sweet nothing to $10 a month, so even if you don’t want to shell out cash, it might be worth checking out.

If you’re already a Comcast or Cox cable subscriber, you’ll get early access on April 15. The nationwide rollout is July 15 for non-cable subscribers.

NBCUniversal’s new streaming service, Peacock, is coming to strut around your living room

Comcast is slowly adding streaming services like Peacock into its portfolio, probably hedging its bets with the cord-cutting movement gathering steam. That means you’ll soon be able to stream some of NBC’s most-watched shows without a cable subscription. It also serves as a funnel back to the broadcast version of NBC, where the real ad bucks are. Oh, and it’ll have the 2020 Olympics, with features and documentaries slated to appear, and some carefully-guarded regional sports network rights.

With a huge library of content to dip into, Peacock could well keep its subscribers happy. Some beloved shows are getting reboots too, like Punky Brewster and Battlestar Galactica.

Those three tiers are:

  • Peacock Free: 7,500 hours of programming, curated from NBC stalwarts such as SNL, Vault and Family Movie Night. You’ll also get next-day access to NBC’s current first-year series, and movies from Universal
  • Peacock Premium (Ad-supported): For $4.99 a month, you can add on live sports, early access to late-night shows, and also non-televised Premier League soccer matches starting in August. You’ll have to put up with some ads though
  • Peacock Premium (Ad-free): The top tier gives you everything the other two tiers have, with one thing missing – advertising.

If you’re already a Comcast or Cox cable subscriber, the Peacock Premium with Ads tier will be free, or for $5 a month, they can remove those intrusive adverts. That gives Peacock 20 million subscribers right out of the gate, double the number that analysts thought Apple+ would get in its first year. That’s a lot of eyeballs, although if they already have cable, they probably watch NBC anyway.

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