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Your weak Disney+ passwords are already up for sale on hacking forums

Stop reusing passwords, people.

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Disney+ is only a week old and accounts are already being hacked and sold across various hacking forums.

In a new report from ZDNet, Disney+ users are already having accounts hacked and sold on hacking forums just days after its initial launch.

“Many of these accounts are now being offered for free on hacking forums, or available for sale for prices varying from $3 to $11,” notes ZDNet.

How are hackers gaining access to Disney+ so quickly?

disney+ hacked accounts for sale

Image: ZDNet

With the streaming service only being a week old, it’s a bit surprising to see so many accounts of hacked accounts. Then again, Disney+ is arguably the largest online release in years so it was sure to gain a lot of attention from users, scammers, and hackers alike.

So, what could be causing all the hacks? The most likely culprit is low-effort and previously-hacked passwords. Hackers own endless lists of username and password combos that have been used on other websites that have been breached, so this is likely it. It’s a bit surprising Disney doesn’t use some type of location service to help prevent unauthorized use, but maybe we’ll see that in the future.

ZDNet notes that two of the hacked users they spoke with noted re-using a previous password, but others did not. That still doesn’t rule it out, as simple passwords can also be hacked.

Regardless, as usual, this is another warning to users – don’t reuse passwords and “password1” will never be acceptable.

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