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Lian Li just announced a new Alpha 550 tempered glass chassis

And maybe win one for yourself.

lian li alpha 550
Image: Newegg

Lian Li has a long pedigree of classy aluminum based PC cases, and the upcoming Lian Li Alpha 550 is no exception to this. The clean design is a blend of classical case aesthetics updated with today’s hot material, tempered glass.

It comes with four tempered glass panels, front, both sides, and top, to show off your computer hardware to its best effect. I’m interested to see how they tackle cable management, as this is more of a concern with full glass panels. It’s also built with ease of access in mind, using tool-less methods for fasteners and includes air filters to reduce dust buildup in your system.

It also features Lian Li’s Bora RGB fans, which have their own RGB controller and are well-balanced for static pressure and airflow. It’s nice to see Lian Li put their premium fans in here as standard equipment, often the included case fans are ‘just enough’ to get you running but don’t perform that well at all. These fans are aluminum-framed, and the frame can be easily disassembled if you decide to paint them another color to fit your build. There’s also integrated RGB strips in the chassis, which is another well-thought-out touch by Lian Li.

No pricing information as of yet, so we’ll update this post as we hear back.

Bonus: Lian Li is running a global giveaway featuring their new Lian Li Alpha 550 chassis as the prize! If you want to participate, go visit the Lian Li Facebook page, hit ‘like’ to stay informed and follow the instructions on the giveaway post. The giveaway starts March 26th and will run for 30 days.


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