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Intel could launch its Core i9-14900KS CPU next week

Intel Core i9-14900KS may launch as soon as March 14.

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There have been a lot of speculations about Intel’s upcoming Core i9-14900KS processor launch. However, the latest report from VideoCardz put all those speculations with a definitive launch date. 

According to the report, the Intel Core i9-14900KS is all set to launch on March 14, 2024. It will sit at the top of its 14th Gen lineup.

Now, the Core i9-14900KS will be a minor upgrade over the Intel Core i9-14900K, featuring 24 cores and 32 threads based on 8 P-Core and 16 E-Core configurations, and has a boost clock speed of 6.2GHz.

Is the Intel Core i9-14900KS launching too soon? 

Based on the previous rumors, the Intel Core i9-14900KS will require 410W of power, which is a massive number.

That said, we also need to consider that the CPU hits the boost clock speed of 6.2GHz, only using two of its cores instead of eight. 

The past versions of this processor were based on the LGA-1700 platform. Intel is slowly phasing that away as the company wants to switch to the LGA-1851 socket.

The leaks also mentioned that the processor will be priced the same as its predecessors, at $739.

However, there are a few concerns about the processor due to its bizarre sooner-than-expected launch date. 

The primary concern is that there has been very little build-up for this processor, which is an essential part of a launch to generate hype for optimum sales. 

Also, the Core i9-14900KS is supposed to be the processor that replaces the 13th Gen CPUs. So, a launch in a few days seems pretty shady. 

However, it is important to note that this is just speculation. Nothing is in store until Intel makes an official announcement. 

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