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MSI accidentally leaks Intel 14th Gen desktop processors 

Official launch coming soon?

Intel Processors

Following its usual timeline, Intel is gearing up to launch its 14th Gen desktop processors later this year. However, before the official announcement, MSI has accidentally spilled the beans on Intel’s new processors. 

New Intel 14th Gen Intel desktop processors 

News outlet VideoCardz has spotted a training video on MSI’s official YouTube channel. MSI’s training video usually wouldn’t have any significance, but this one does. 

MSI's Leaked Slide on Intel 14th Gen Processors
Source: MSI

The video has revealed a few key details on unannounced Intel 14th Gen processors, codenamed Raptor Lake-S Refresh.

According to MSI’s video, the 14th Gen Intel processors will be at least three percent faster than the predecessor 13th Gen processors. However, the Core i7 will see an unusual 17 percent performance bump with multi-threaded workloads.

According to The Verge, the video reveals that the Core i5-14600K and Core i9-14900K core counts will remain the same as their 13th Gen counterparts. However, the Core i7-14700K will get additional performance cores. 

So, instead of eight performance cores, the Core i7-14700K will have 12, leading to a 17 percent performance boost in certain multi-threaded workloads. In contrast, the number of efficiency cores will remain the same at eight. 

MSI has also revealed in the video that there are no architectural changes on the 14 Gen Intel chips. This means that they are built on the Intel 7 (10nm) process, the same as the current 13th Gen chips. 

These upcoming CPUs will thus work with MSI’s existing Z690 and Z790 motherboards. Additionally, it appears that Intel’s 14 Gen chips will support higher DDR5 frequencies and improvements to L3 cache. 

It is rumored that Intel 14th Gen desktop processors will be announced during the Innovation 2023 event. Gamers will eagerly await this event to see how Intel’s new processors stack up against the Ryzen 7000 X3D series processors, the latest from AMD.

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