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New patent reveals how an Apple Watch camera would work

A newly granted patent shows a camera inside the digital crown.

apple watch on table
Image: Unsplash

Apple has received a new patent for an Apple Watch with a camera (h/t PatentlyApple). It has a camera mounted inside the digital crown (that’s the bit on the side you turn for controlling functions).

Apple also detailed a light-emitting device, to help with low-light photography. This should please anyone who pretended to be a superspy as a kid.

That sounds cool, right? I mean who didn’t want to be James Bond or Dick Tracy, or even Inspector Gadget’s niece, Penny, when they were growing up?

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apple watch patent showing camera in crown
Image: Apple via USPTO

The thing is, this Apple Watch patent seems awkward to use. Apple says you could point the crown to take pictures, but what about people who wear their Apple Watch on their right wrist? It would be pointing the wrong way.

Apple has thought of this and says that you’ll be able to remove the Apple Watch from the band, without the band coming off your wrist. Still kinda awkward if you ask us.

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patent illustration of apple watch with camera inside the crown
Image: Apple via USPTO

PatentlyApple has noticed more than one recently granted patent recently. Another patent, “Sensing contact force related to user wearing an electronic device”, was granted on the same day.

While Apple has multiple use cases for this patent mentioned, one sticks out considering recent reports. That’s the mention of blood pressure measurements.

We know Apple has been working on this for some time. Could a future Apple Watch use this patent?

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