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New Xbox update includes accessibility tags and improved controller features

The controller updates will make it easier to switch between devices.

xbox one controller in hand
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The Xbox November update is here, and it features some pretty exciting updates for Xbox controllers. Cross-device play has been greatly improved, and now you can switch your wireless controller’s connection from a console to another device with just the press of a button.

With the company leaning into more cross-device play through Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox Cloud Gaming on various platforms, users are starting to use their controllers on several different devices.

Previously, if you were using anything other than the new Xbox Series X|S controller, you would have to go through a series of menus and manually change your wireless connection.

Now, the company has unlocked a feature on the Xbox One, the Elite Wireless Series 2, and the Xbox Adaptive Controller that makes switching your wireless connection to a new device a breeze.

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The controllers will now remember one Xbox console and one Bluetooth device at all times. And you’ll be able to easily switch between those two connections just by double-tapping the pair button on your controller.

The update also equips those three controllers with Dynamic Latency Input, which improves upon the connection between your controller and your console for a more responsive experience.

xbox accessibility update
Image: Microsoft

The update also includes vast improvements to the company’s accessibility features. Now, game developers have the option to tag their games with up to 20 accessibility feature tags in their listings on the Microsoft Store. This is a great way to advertise games that have features that will make them enjoyable for individuals with certain accessibility needs.

Xbox’s November update also includes several other features, like improved color filters, upgraded audio and volume settings, and overall improvements to the Xbox mobile app for Android and iOS.

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