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The next stop for Xbox Cloud Gaming is your smart TV

Xbox is looking to bring the cloud gaming service to even more people.

Xbox cloud gaming on different devices
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft has big plans for its Xbox Cloud Gaming service (also known as xCloud). It looks like the company is already planning another expansion, and this time it has its sights set on smart TVs.

In an interview with GQ earlier this week, Xbox leader Phil Spencer sat down to talk about everything Xbox. As part of the conversation, Spencer spoke about the success of Xbox Cloud Gaming and plans for the service moving forward.

Spencer told GQ that Xbox is already in talks with several TV manufacturers about integrating the cloud gaming platform into their televisions. We didn’t get any real timeline of when we could expect something like this, but Spencer did say it was coming “soon.”

Xbox Cloud Gaming has been making major waves in the gaming world over the last few months. The service is available on Android, iOS, PC, and now Xbox One. Using the service, gamers can stream games directly to their various devices, just like you would stream a television show.

With the expansion to televisions, the company is looking to reach an even wider audience with Xbox Cloud Gaming. With the service available on TVs, all you will need is a controller to play Xbox games on your TV. Therein lies the biggest hurdle for this implementation.

Xbox will have to work with TV makers to make sure that an Xbox controller can connect directly to a television. Many TVs have Bluetooth capabilities, which is technically all that is needed to connect a newer Xbox controller. There’s also the option for a USB dongle that could be plugged into a TV to act as a wireless adapter for a controller.

Once Xbox works out that connection issue with TV manufacturers, Xbox Cloud Gaming will likely be off to the races on smart TVs.

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